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Green Ideas

Green Ideas from 70,000 Transit Experts

Upon the recommendation of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Sustainability and the MTA, a "Green Ideas" questionnaire was sent to the MTA's 70,000-member workforce in February 2008. The questionnaire - signed by the Commission Chairman Jonathan F.P. Rose, the MTA agency presidents, and the former MTA Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Elliot G. Sander - requested ideas on how to make the MTA more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

As the ideas poured in, it became clear that the vision to make the MTA very sustainable in all its practices is shared by a large number of its employees. To date over 350 ideas have been submitted, a have been categorized under the five key areas of sustainability identified by the commission: Energy & Carbon, Water, Material Flow, Facilities, and Smart Growth/Transit-Oriented Development.

Green Ideas from MTA Employees

Gene Sansone

We've done a lot of interesting work on investigating new products and materials to make rolling stock into more sustainable, smart fleets. The trick is lightweighting subway cars to reduce traction power without compromising safety. The MTA needs to stay out front on this kind of materials research that will allow us to reduce our energy usage and carbon emissions.

- Gene Sansone , New York City Transit

What's Your Green Idea?

The MTA continues to welcome input on its sustainability initiatives and on how to make the MTA more sustainable. Please send your Green Ideas and other sustainable suggestions electronically to the MTA via our email system.

For additional information, please contact:

Projjal Dutta
MTA Director of Sustainability

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