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    The Climate Registry

The MTA is utilizing a system to track energy consumption in order to reduce carbon emissions and its overall carbon footprint. It has nearly doubled its program of energy audits, equipment upgrades, and energy efficiency projects with NYPA. As a Founding Member of The Climate Registry, the MTA hopes that by voluntarily reporting greenhouse gas emissions and avoidance, we can work more effectively to reducing them and contribute to the public’s understanding of the role that mass transit plays in reducing carbon emissions.

The Climate Registry sets consistent and transparent standards to calculate, verify, and publicly report greenhouse gas emissions into a single registry. It supports both voluntary and mandatory reporting programs, and it is guided by the 41 US states, Washington, DC, 12 Canadian provinces and territories and six Mexican states that sit on its Board of Directors.

To learn more about The Climate Registry, check out their website at


The Climate Registry Verified Reports:

Transit Agency Performance Metric Reports

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