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Sustainability and the MTA

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"Mass transit is the lifeblood of New York, and a 21st century city must protect and improve its mass transit infrastructure…New York has a natural advantage in this seemingly daunting task. We begin with an extraordinary enterprising spirit, unparalleled resiliency and a long history of engineering the impossible." Governor Andrew Cuomo in the New York Daily News, November 15, 2012

Public transportation is a powerful force to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Yet as New York saw during Superstorm Sandy, climate change can take a devastating toll on public transportation. That’s why making the Metropolitan Transportation Authority network more resilient against extreme weather is both a short-term tactic to keep service running and a long-term strategy to fight climate change.

The MTA & Climate Change: Immediate Response | Long-Term Resilience is a brief summary of work performed to date and of immediate and long-term options for a resilient MTA currently under review.

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