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Metro-North Service Update

Effective April 21, New AM Peak Restrictions on Metro-North Trains Moved to 6 AM

Starting April 21, new AM Peak Restrictions have been modified to Weekday, AM Peak trains arriving in Grand Central Terminal 6 AM - 10 AM inclusive, and trains departing GCT 6 AM - 9 AM inclusive.

Previous peak started at 5 AM for arrival at Grand Central Terminal and at 5 AM for departures from Grand Central Terminal.

Peak and Off-Peak designations on Metro-North affect ticket prices. Therefore, if your travel takes place before 6 AM, these changes could affect the fare you are paying starting on April 21. (See fare tables for peak and off-peak fares.) You should also consult our printed schedules which are available at GCT and at outlying ticket offices, or see schedules online through our interactive schedules application.

What does that mean for your commute? Here are some examples:

Q: If I take a train that arrives at Grand Central Terminal before 6 AM, is it considered peak?

A: No, starting April 21, peak fares are only applied for trains that arrive at GCT starting at 6 AM, a whole hour later than previously. Inbound peak continues until 10 AM.

Q: What about if I leave Grand Central Terminal after 5 AM, but before 6 AM?

A: Outbound peak fares also start at 6 AM. So, if you leave Grand Central Terminal before 6, you will be paying an off-peak fare.

Q: Have the hours for the end of peak period changed?

A: No, the hours for end of peak have not changed. Peak fares are in effect until 10 AM for inbound service; and until 9 AM for outbound service.

Q: What about the afternoon peak period, is it still from 4 PM to 8 PM?

A: Yes, the afternoon peak period continues to be from 4 PM to 8 PM.

If you have any further questions please call customer service at 511 (and in Connecticut call 1-877-690-5114.)

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