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Starting Monday, July 1: New Timetables Reflect Weekday Changes Due to Amtrak’s Penn Station Renewal Work

Morning & Evening Rush Hour Trains Affected; To Offset the Changes, Five Trains Being Added and Select Trains to be Lengthened

Beginning July 1, as Amtrak resumes its State of Good Repair work at Penn Station on a complex of switches known as “JO Interlocking,” the LIRR's capacity/track space in Penn Station will again be limited.

Due to Amtrak’s repair work, the LIRR will divert or cancel seven of 144 morning rush trains and seven of 130 evening rush trains starting Monday, July 1 through Friday, August 30. Five trains are being added on the fringes of both AM and PM peak periods to provide affected customers with alternative options. The LIRR is lengthening key trains to ensure that the overall seating capacity into Penn Station is in line with current capacity.

Four morning peak trains to Penn Station will be diverted to Atlantic Terminal; one morning peak train to Penn Station will terminate in Jamaica, and two trains will not operate. In the evening rush, two trains will originate at Atlantic Terminal instead of Penn Station, two trains will originate at Jamaica instead of Penn Station; and three trains will not operate. In both the morning and evening rush hours, stops will be added to trains as necessary to preserve service opportunities from diverted or cancelled trains, and cars will be added to lengthen select existing trains.

To help offset these changes and maintain maximum capacity, two trains will be added to Penn Station in the early AM rush, as well as three trains added in the early afternoon from Penn Station. Affected trains include:

Babylon Branch

Far Rockaway Branch

Hempstead Branch

Long Beach Branch

Montauk Branch

Ronkonkoma Branch

LIRR staff will remain in close communication with Amtrak as it continues its State of Good Repair work, to ensure that impacts to LIRR customers remain as minimal as possible.

Please check out the Special Amtrak SOGR timetable for your Branch, effective July 1-12 here, and the new Regular Branch Timetables dated July 15-September 2, here, which will be available in print in stations systemwide.


For More Information
Contact the LIRR’s Customer Service Center by calling 511 or 718-217-LIRR (718-217-5477). Automated schedule information is available 24/7. Agents are available to assist customers daily from 6 AM until 10 PM. To speak with an LIRR employee, say the word “Representative” when the prompts begin.

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