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MTA Twitter Policy

Twitter is a free social networking service that allows users 13 years and older to post and read messages of up to 140-characters in length. These messages are called "Tweets" and may also include embedded photos and video, links and other online media.

The MTA uses Twitter to stay engaged with our customers in the following ways:

  • Automated service status updates on incidents, changes and delays, which may affect your travel.
  • Information and updates during critical incidents that affect the transportation system more widely.
  • MTA or agency-specific news and updates, including messages about public meetings, services we provide, and changes to the organization.
  • Invitation to provide feedback on specific issues and limited customer service response.
  • Interesting facts and information about the MTA, its agencies, events in areas and neighborhoods serviced by the MTA.

Please note:

  • The MTA appreciates all of our followers but does not automatically follow back any Twitter accounts or use direct message to communicate with other Twitter users. We follow other organizations and people that provide relevant information to our MTA riders.
  • Being followed by the MTA, a retweet, shared link etc. is in no way an endorsement by the MTA, as we cannot control any external account, individual, or site.
  • The MTA Twitter accounts are maintained and monitored by members of each agency's Customer Service Team in conjunction with the Communications Team in addition to their regular duties and responsibilities. We do our best to direct questions and concerns to the official MTA channels for response during business hours, Monday through Friday. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to all Tweets sent to us. If we see a trend in questions or concerns, we may tweet a general response without specifying users to whom we are responding.
  • The MTA is not responsible for our inability to update our account during Twitter service disruptions. Additionally all Twitter accounts are governed by their separate Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  • There are real people behind our social media accounts who are doing their best to be responsive and helpful to our customers. We ask that you please remember this when tweeting at us. Please help us maintain a friendly environment online.

MTA Social Media Engagement Policy Overview

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