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MTA Winter Weather Travel Guide
Snow Flake

When cold or inclement weather is in the forecast, MTA services are subject to change as conditions demand. Use this guide to plan your trip on our subways, buses, commuter rail, bridges and tunnels.

Our goal is to keep you informed. Remember that 'Service Status' for all MTA services is always available at 24/7. You can also tune into your local traffic and transit news broadcasts for updates, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

MTA Service Snow Flake Weather Condition Possible Service Impacts
NYC Subways
  • Temperatures of 10ºF or less, or
  • Freezing rain and/or icing, or
  • Snow accumulation of 5" or more in the forecast.
  • Planned Service Changes may be cancelled.
  • Service on the B Subway Line Information may end early.
  • Express service may run local on these lines:
    A Subway Line Information E Subway Line Information D Subway Line Information F Subway Line Information N Subway Line Information Q Subway Line Information 2 Subway Line Information 3 Subway Line Information 4 Subway Line Information 5 Subway Line Information 6 Express Subway Line Information.
  • Service on the 7 Subway Line Information may be reduced, with Flushing-bound trains running on the Times Sq/42 St-bound track at the 5 Av and Grand Central-42 St stations.
If weather conditions worsen. Arrow Service on some subway routes may be temporarily suspended
Long Island Rail Road Snow accumulation reaches
10” to 13”.
Arrow Service may be temporarily reduced or suspended to clear tracks and avoid stranding trains.
Metro-North Railroad Significant snowfall accumulation/blizzard conditions. Arrow Service may be temporarily reduced or suspended.
Staten Island Railway
  • Freezing rain and/or icing, or
  • Snow accumulation of 6"or more.
  • Express service may be suspended.
  • Delays and service suspensions may occur.
10" or more of snow in the forecast. Arrow Limited service and suspensions of service
may occur as conditions warrant.
NYC Buses Snow accumulation of 6" with a forecast of up to 10". Arrow Some or all of these as road conditions warrant:
• Route cancellations • Longer headways.
• Skipped stops.
10" or more of snow in the forecast. Arrow Bus service is subject to suspension as road conditions warrant.
Freezing Rain/Ice. Arrow Service may be temporarily suspended.
Snow Accumulation from
3" to 5"
  • Call out to customers to confirm or cancel planned trips.
  • Feeder and Trip by Trip Eligibility will not be enforced under these conditions.
Snow Accumulation of 6" or more. Arrow
  • Service may be temporarily reduced or cancelled. Priority is given for medically necessary trips if the safety of all involved is not at risk.
  • Cancel all hearings and assessments.
  • Change Reservation booking to 24 from 48 hours.
Bridges and Tunnels Snow accumulation from
8”to 10”.
Arrow Reduced speed on ramps, roadways and in toll plazas.
Snow accumulation above 10”. Arrow Reduced roadway capacity or lane closures.
Combined snow/ice storm. Arrow Suspended-span bridges will be subject to reduced speed and may be closed intermittently.
About these service changes Your safety
While forecasted temperatures and snow accumulations inform our preparations, the actual intensity of the storm, road conditions, and our ability to clear tracks will dictate the level of service we can safely provide and/or restore. We urge all of our customers to take extra care when traveling. Stay clear of the platform edges, use handrails, and walk carefully when entering or exiting stations and boarding or leaving trains and buses. Please allow extra time for travel during the storm.
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