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Canarsie Tunnel Reconstruction

Current Efforts

In the Subway

The Canarsie Tunnel, a Vital Link between Manhattan and Brooklyn

Over the last decade, the sleepy L subway has grown into one of our busiest subway lines.  Since 1990, ridership on the L subway has more than tripled and it has quintupled at the Bedford Av Station alone. This growth has fueled unprecedented revitalization of housing and business development in several neighborhoods along the line.

On the L subway line, the Canarise tunnel is the vital link between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Last summer, we announced the decision to close the tunnel for 18 months beginning in 2019 so that we can address as quickly and efficiently as possible the critical work needed in the tunnel's two tubes. This decision was reached after a robust public outreach process with the community.

This microsite is designed to provide information on the background, scope, and eventual benefits of the Canarsie tunnel reconstruction project. Photographs, maps, and a Canarsie tunnel cross section will convey the breadth of this important project. Most importantly, information on how to participate in the ongoing community engagement process is available through this site.

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