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Superstorm Sandy: Fix&Fortify Efforts Continue


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The ‘Fix&Fortify’ Brand Communicates Post-Storm Recovery Work

Example of G and R Fix&Fortify Communications.
Service change communications immediately after the storm centered on the restoration of outages in various parts of the system.  As the extent of Sandy’s devastation was revealed, it became clear that remediation and resiliency efforts would require a long-term approach to hardening the system.  Fix&Fortify became the brand of this post-Sandy recovery and resiliency program.

Fix&Fortify changes will restore reliability to the system and provide for resiliency, where feasible, against future weather events.

In a system that routinely undergoes maintenance and construction, branding Sandy-related service changes differentiates this work from the other necessary maintenance as well as the ambitious FASTRACK maintenance program that had begun in January 2012 underscoring the urgency of critical work needed to address the damage from the storm.

Fix&Fortify service changes are generally recurring, extensive, and have longer-term timelines that may require 24/7 infrastructure access to perform work.   

Beside describing the impact and damage caused by Sandy in specific areas of the transportation network, a key component of recovery communications is to show—through photographs and video—both the damage and progress of recovery.

Through Fix&Fortify, our goal is to increase public awareness and educate customers about this important recovery and resiliency initiative, and keeping support for it strong. 

Example of G and R Fix&Fortify Communications.
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