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Superstorm Sandy: One Year Later

From the Chairman, October 29, 2013

A year after Superstorm Sandy, we are still recovering from the worst storm in our system's history. These web pages recap our efforts to protect infrastructure and equipment, and then restore service, piece by piece, while revealing the reality and depth of the damage Sandy left behind. Photos, video and stories from employees, whose commitment meant leaving their own families to ride out and then deal with the aftermath of the storm without them, document the enormity of this event.

We have years of work ahead to not only restore the system to its pre-Sandy condition, but to fortify our transportation network to defend against storms in the future. We began that work as soon as the water either receded, or we could pump it out. With support from Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Federal Transportation Administration, and FEMA we will continue that work.

The MTA's services are the backbone of our region and the health of our $1.4 trillion dollar regional economy-this is a fact that will remain top of mind as we continue our efforts, and commitment to building a stronger, more resilient mass transportation system.


Thomas F. Prendergast
Chairman and CEO

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