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System Schedules

Subway Schedules

Bus Schedules

Staten Island Railway Schedules (in pdf format)

Trip Planner: Subway and Bus Directions

If schedule information for your subway or bus is not available here yet, you can call Customer Service at 511 (6 AM - 10 PM, daily for agent assistance) and ask for a printed timetable for your route.

Since service schedule information is subject to change, please feel free to call the Customer Service number at any time for a new schedule.

You'll find a list of current service changes, organized by subway and bus route, on this web site.  Click here to view the service notices .

When you travel, be aware of the Service Advisories signs in stations and on trains and buses.  These notices provide timely information that might affect your trip.

Inclement weather and unforeseen operating delays may also impact your travel.

Thank you for riding New York City Transit!

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