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Saturday schedule in effect for Subways and Buses

Sunday schedule in effect for Staten Island Railway

Reminder — Saturday Schedule for Subways:

  • No 2 subway3 subway service in Brooklyn.
  • 4 subway service runs between Woodlawn and New Lots Av.
  • 5 subway service runs between Flatbush Av and the Bronx.
  • No 5 subwayD subway express service in the Bronx; no 6 subway7 subway express service.
  • No B subway service – use the A subwayC subwayD subway and/or Q subway instead.
  • M subway service runs between Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs and Metropolitan Av.
  • No W subway service – use the N subwayQ subway or R subway .
  • No J subway / Z subway skip-stop service – take the J subway local instead.

To Stay Informed:

Refer to Weekday and Weekend Service Change Directories posted in all subway stations. Visit our website at and click on “Planned Service Changes” and/or “Current Service Status.” Or, call 511 and say “Current Service Status.”

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