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Planned Service Changes
X27B, X28B
Effective Monday, January 3, 2011

Introducing X27B/X28B rush-hour service
between Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan

To speed your trip, the X27B/X28B will provide morning rush-hour service to Midtown and afternoon rush-hour service to Brooklyn via West St and the World Financial Center.

The X27B/X28B
Midtown service replaces X27/X28 Midtown service during rush hours only. All other X27/X28 service remains the same.

The X27B/X28B will operate during the following hours:

X27B/X28B bus stops in Manhattan
See the map for all Manhattan stops. For rush-hour service to and from stops below Duane St/Thomas St,
take the X27/X28.

To Midtown: 6:17 AM to 8:39 AM
To Brooklyn: 3:55 PM to 6:20 PM
X27B/X28B bus stops in Brooklyn
The X27B serves all X27 bus stops and the X28B serves all X28 bus stops.


To Midtown: 6:15 AM to 8:35 AM
To Brooklyn: 4:08 PM to 6:10 PM

X27B/X28B rush-hour service map
Check the MTA Home Page for Current Service Status as well as to plan your trip with TripPlanner.
If you require assistance, please call us at (718) 330-1234, 6 AM to 10 PM, 7 days a week.

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