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Effective Sunday, January 8, 2017

Changes to M5 route and new M55 route

In an effort to alleviate delays and improve reliability, the M5 is being split into two separate, shorter routes, operating with the new M55 as follows:

  • The M5 will continue to operate between the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal at
    W 178 St/Broadway and its new Midtown terminal at W 31 St/6 Av.

  • The M55 will serve the portion of the former M5 route between W 44 St/6 Av and the South Ferry Terminal.

  • Transfer between both routes at any stop between W 31 St and W 44 St along 5 and 6 Avs.
The M5 will continue to operate limited-stop service during daytime hours, and operate local service during nights only. The M55 will operate local service at all times.
Changes to M5 route and new M55 route map

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