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Temporary Station Closures

Zerega Av 6 Line icon
Buhre Av 6 Line icon
12:01 AM Sat
July 5 until
Spring 2015

Zerega Av and Buhre Av will be closed for station renovation.
6 Line icon trains will skip these stations in both directions.

Bus icon Local bus routes and shuttle buses will provide alternate service and connections with nearby stations.

Travel alternatives:

Zerega Av: Take the Bx4 or shuttle buses to/from Castle Hill Av station; free transfer is available with MetroCard.
Buhre Av: Take the Bx8, Bx24, or shuttle buses to/from Middletown Rd station; free transfer is available with MetroCard.
NOTE: Shuttle buses operate during Rush Hours and Late Nights only between Castle Hill Av and Buhre Av, stopping at Zerega Av, Westchester Sq, and Middletown Rd.

Stay informed: Look for Planned Service Change postings at 6 Line icon stations and on

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