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Temporary Station Closures

Zerega Av 6 Line icon
Buhre Av 6 Line icon
12:01 AM Sat
July 5 until
February 2015

Zerega Av and Buhre Av are closed for station renovation.
6 Line icon trains skip these stations in both directions.

Bus icon Local bus routes and shuttle buses provide alternate service and connections with nearby stations.

Travel alternatives:

Zerega Av: Take the Bx4 or shuttle buses to/from Castle Hill Av station; free transfer is available with MetroCard.
Buhre Av: Take the Bx8, Bx24, or shuttle buses to/from Middletown Rd or Pelham Bay Park; free transfer is available with MetroCard.
NOTE: Shuttle buses operate during Rush Hours and Late Nights only between Castle Hill Av and Pelham Bay Park, stopping at Zerega Av, Westchester Sq, Middletown Rd, and Buhre Av.

Stay informed: Look for Planned Service Change postings at 6 Line icon stations and on

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