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We're putting repairs on the FASTRACK

In the Bronx affecting 6 subway service • Weeknights 10 PM to 5 AM
Mon to Fri, October 10 - 14 17 - 21

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Service Changes

FASTRACK begins weeknights at 10 PM and ends 5 AM the next morning. This service change will run for two weeks from October 10-14 and 17-21 nightly, ending Friday morning.
Read on for more information.

No trains between Hunts Point Av and 125 St
Bus Icon Free shuttle buses provide alternate service

How will trains operate?

6 subway service operates in two sections:

  1. Between Pelham Bay Park and Hunts Point Av
  2. Between 125 St and Brooklyn Bridge
5 subway service between E 180 St and Bowling Green ends early.

Travel alternatives:

Bus Icon Free shuttle buses operate between Hunts Point Av and 125 St, stopping at
Longwood Av, E 149 St, E 143 St-St Mary’s St, Cypress Av, Brook Av, and 3 Av-138 St.
  • Transfer between trains and free shuttle buses at Hunts Point Av and/or 125 St.

Other changes to service may affect your trip. Please consult Service Change Directories or use TripPlanner+.

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FASTRACK is a subway maintenance, cleaning, and repair program that shuts down segments of a subway line for several hours over consecutive weeknights, allowing our employees to perform a number of critical maintenance jobs. The line shutdown approach has proven successful in that, under normal conditions in our 24/7 system, the scope and breadth of this important work would be impossible to accomplish with customers and trains moving through work areas. Thus far, since FASTRACK began in 2012, the results have had a positive impact on service with a reduction in train delays and a decrease in the number of track fires, while realizing cost efficiencies and a lower accident rate for employees.

FASTRACK tasks typically include:

  • Track – remove debris and repair or replace tie blocks and running rails.
  • Third Rail Operations – clean and remove debris from under and around the third rail.
  • Signals – perform general maintenance on signals and switches and replace dispatcher holding lights.
  • Infrastructure – repair or replace handrails, signs, and tunnel lighting. Clean track drains and repair water damage/leaks.
  • Electronic Maintenance – optimize performance of closed-circuit television monitors and cameras. Inspect and test public address system equipment.
  • Station Environment – perform high-intensity station cleaning and painting as well as perform elevator and escalator repair work. Clean vents and drains.

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Stay Informed

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