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Jan 7 – 11 • Jan 14 – 18
9:45 PM to 5 AM, Mon to Fri

4 Subway 6 Subway F Subway trains will replace the J Subway between Delancey-Essex Sts and Broad St

What’s running?

  • J Subway will run between Jamaica Center and Essex St

Travel Alternatives:

  • For service between Delancey-Essex Sts and Broad St, use nearby 4 Subway 6 Subway stations.
  • Transfer between J Subway and F Subway trains at Delancey-Essex Sts.
  • Transfer between the F Subway and 6 Subway at Bleecker St/B’way-Lafayette St.
  • Transfer between the 6 Subway and 4 Subway at Brooklyn Bridge.
  • For service to/from Manhattan, use the A Subway C Subway or L Subway via transfer at Broadway Junction.

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