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a Success On the 4 line icon 5 line icon6 line icon Lexington Avenue Line

This week saw our FASTRACK maintenance program underway on the East Side of Manhattan as hundreds of subway maintenance workers were in tunnels and stations on the 4 Line icon5 Line icon6 Line icon Lexington Avenue Line replacing and repairing components vital to a safe and sound operation.

Beginning Monday, September 9, hundreds of workers were deployed along the more than four-mile long Lexington Avenue Line as train service was suspended on the local tracks from Grand Central-42 St to 125 St. on four consecutive nights.  Repair crews took full advantage of the seven-hour work window between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. to make repairs and perform maintenance activities. The section of the Lexington Avenue Line between 45 St and 100 St is on two levels. Local trains operate on the upper level and express trains operate on the lower level. The separation of the local and the express tracks gave maintenance crews a work environment that was free of trains and less disruptive to customers’ regular travel patterns.

Joseph Leader, Acting Senior Vice President of Department of Subways said, “Our FASTRACK program is a game changer. We are able to do preventative maintenance, make repairs, and perform inspections and cleaning tasks in a far-less disruptive and safer work environment for employees.  This maintenance blitz contributes significantly to achieving our goal of having a subway system that is safer, cleaner and more reliable.” 


Highlights of the work completed during Washington Heights/Inwood Line FASTRACK:

  • Track - Generated 8,439 bags of debris, removed 91,400 pounds of scrap and debris, scraped and cleaned 45,068 linear feet of track, replaced 40 tie blocks, and installed 1,044 plates. Generated 9,700 pounds of scrap debris.

  • Third Rail Operations - Cleared 379 identified defects, scraped and cleaned 13,930 feet of track under and around the third rail.

  • Signals - Serviced 30 signals, tested 45 switches and supported Track Department on four rail and switch jobs.

  • Infrastructure - Repaired/replaced 160 linear feet of handrail, cleaned 2,350 linear feet of track drain, repaired 10 square feet of damaged concrete, replace 615 light bulbs and sealed 82 leaks.

  • Electronics Maintenance -Optimized pictures on eight Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) monitors and 30 CCTV cameras.

  • Station Environment - Replaced 15 station light bulbs, repaired/replaced 207 square feet of floor tile, scraped 6,325 square feet of paintable station surface area, primed 6,225 square feet, painted 7,000 square feet, 27 K-A rails (street level railing, usually painted green, that surrounds the station entrance/exit stairway), 29 stairway copings (the concrete base below the K-A rail), 1,100 linear feet of rubbing board and safety painted eight stairways.

The FASTRACK project environment, introduced in 2012, experiences a significantly lower accident rate by participating employees.  During FASTRACK events last year, the Lost Time Accident (LTA) rate per 100 Employees was 1.38 versus a rate of 2.42 during all other operations.  An LTA is a job-related incident that results in the inability of an employee to perform their duties for at least one working day beyond the day of the incident.

The next FASTRACK will take place in Manhattan beginning Monday, September 16, as MTA New York City Transit brings this repair and maintenance effort to the Eighth Avenue Line. The A Line iconB Line iconC Line iconD Line icon lines, along Central Park West, will be shut down from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m., for four consecutive weeknights from Monday, September 16 to early Friday morning, September 20.  There will be no train service between 59 St-Columbus Circle and 168 St on the A Line iconC Line icon and 161 St-Yankee Stadium on the B Line iconD Line icon.

Be sure to check our website for complete details; posters and brochures will also be available at affected stations.


Monday September 9, 2013

Tuesday September 10, 2013

Wednesday September 11, 2013


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