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a Success on the 2 line icon2 line icon2 line icon lines in Brooklyn

This week, for the first time, our FASTRACK maintenance program came to the 2 line icon3 line icon4 line icon lines in Brooklyn between Crown Heights and Downtown Brooklyn. The repair and fix-up effort consists of deploying hundreds of subway maintenance workers in tunnels and stations along a designated line segment inspecting, repairing, and servicing components that are vital to a safe and sound operation.

Beginning Monday, January 27, train service was suspended along the local tracks between Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr and Franklin Av on four consecutive nights. Repair crews took full advantage of the seven-hour work window between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. to make repairs and perform maintenance activities. Most of the section of the 2 line icon3 line icon4 line icon lines in Brooklyn between Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr and Franklin Av is bi-level. Local trains are on the upper level and express trains are on the lower level. The separation of the local and the express tracks gave maintenance crews a work environment that was free of trains and was also less disruptive to customers' regular travel patterns.

Joseph Leader, Senior Vice President of Department of Subways said, "With FASTRACK all stakeholders are winners. Our employees can do preventative maintenance, make repairs, and perform inspections and cleaning tasks in a safer work environment because they do not have to stop work to allow trains to pass through the work area. Customers benefit from a safer, cleaner, and more reliable subway system and the organization gets more work done in less time


Highlights of the work completed during the 2 line icon3 line icon4 line icon in Brooklyn FASTRACK:

  • Track - Generated 7,657 bags of debris, removed 173,847 pounds of scrap and debris, scraped and cleaned 19,736 linear feet of track, replaced 201 tie blocks, and installed 657 plates. Generated 36,350 pounds of scrap debris.plates.
  • Third Rail Operations - Cleared 223 identified defects, scraped and cleaned 13,680 feet of track under and around the third rail.
  • Infrastructure - Repaired or replaced 300 linear feet of handrail, replaced 317 light bulbs, cleaned 450 linear feet of track drain, and sealed 53 leaks.
  • Electronics Maintenance - Optimized picture on eight Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) monitors and 14 CCTV cameras, tested16 public address systems, and serviced 44 customer information screens and 431 public address system speakers.
  • Station Environment - Replaced 264 station light bulbs, repaired/replaced 64 square feet of floor tile and painted 78 linear feet of rubbing board, the fiberglass extension attached to the platform edge. Scraped 3,600 square feet of paintable station surface area, primed 6,200 square feet, and painted 6,400 square feet.

The FASTRACK program began in January 2012 and shuts down segments of a subway line for several hours over consecutive weeknights or weekend days, allowing employees to perform a number of critical repair, cleaning, and maintenance jobs. This approach has proven successful in that, under normal conditions in our 24/7 system, the scope and amount of important work completed would be impossible to accomplish with customers and trains moving through work areas. Tasks completed during FASTRACK have had a positive impact on train service with a reduction in train delays and a decrease in the number of track fires, while realizing cost efficiencies and a lower accident rate for employees.

The next two FASTRACKs will also take place in Brooklyn beginning Mondays, February 3 and February 10, on the Fulton Street Line. There will be no A line icon service between Jay St-MetroTech and Broadway Junction in both directions from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m., for four consecutive weeknights from Monday, February 3 to early Friday morning, February  7, and from Monday, February 10 to early Friday morning, February 14.

Be sure to check this website for complete details; posters and brochures will also be available at affected stations.


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