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Your Ride Matters

Step Aside, Speed Your Ride

When you let others off first, the train can take you on your way sooner.   It’s true—the simple act of stepping aside can trim valuable seconds from the time your train waits in each station, speeding your trip while increasing everyone’s level of comfort.

Every Customer Should Know

Bringing the idea to life:  This video shows the iconic images from the MTA’s Courtesy Counts campaign demonstrating the ‘Step Aside’ concept.

Testing Two Platform Designs

Pilot program: Two designs are installed on platforms at the 51 St 6 subway and 59 St 4 subway/5 subway/6 subway stations on
Lexington Avenue. A pairing of the simple request to "Step Aside" coupled with arrow graphics convey the concept and serves as a gentle, but firm reminder to customers.


For Customers With Disabilities

ADA Blue:  Blue-colored versions of both designs are installed on each platform serving as visual distinctions and designations for the ADA boarding area for our customers who use wheelchairs.

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