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TripPlanner+ App

TripPlanner+ is now an app, available for iOS.
Get travel itineraries in the palm of your hand.

What can you do?

  • Use full addresses, landmarks, subway stations and intersections
  • Select from drop-down options for station names and popular landmarks
  • Plan a trip using subway, commuter rail, local bus, express bus, or combination of any of these modes
  • Minimize by transfers, fare, travel time or walking distance
  • Request Accessible routing for all modes and features
  • Select "Preferred" routes
  • Access previously used addresses
  • E-mail your itineraries to family and friends
  • Send feedback to the MTA
  • Get Point-to-Point Subway and Bus schedules
  • Find MTA routes servicing specific locations

What do you get?

  • The quickest and most efficient routing using MTA services between any two points
  • Service Advisory information on planned and unplanned disruptions attached to all itineraries, if they apply
  • Enhanced routing accommodating for planned Subway detours
  • Up to three travel options
  • Itinerary mapping including walking directions
  • Estimated total travel time, including walking time
  • Full and Reduced-fare costs (discounted fares not shown)
  • Google Translate