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Station Information

B Train C Train (A Train Overnight)
86 St station is temporarily closed for extensive renovation

Until October 2018

Travel Alternatives

  • Walk to B subway C subway stations at 81 St-Museum of Natural History and 96 St. Or, use the 86 St 1 subway station on Broadway.

  • Use the M10 bus along Central Park West and transfer to the B subway C subway ( A subway overnight) at 81 St or 59 St with MetroCard.

  • Use the M86 SBS for connections to 1 subway at the 86 St 1 subway station.

  • Need to transfer to another bus?  Ask the driver for a MetroCard Bus Transfer which is for your next local bus ride within two hours.

  • On your return trip, obtain a transfer to the bus from station agents at 81 St B subway C subway or 96 St B subway C subway or 86 St 1 subway.

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