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Fix&Fortify Sandy Recovery Work

R subway Montague Tubes Renewed

After Superstorm Sandy, the Montague Tubes were flooded to the ceiling with 27 million gallons of salt water.  While temporary repairs allowed us to restore service as quickly as possible, the damage significantly reduced the lifespan of key infrastructure.  During the 13-month closure of the tunnels, we performed essential repairs to restore, rebuild, and make the Montague Tubes less vulnerable to future severe weather events.

What We Accomplished:

  • Constructed 30,000 linear feet of new duct banks, containing more than 78,000 feet of power cable

  • Installed 11,000 feet of new track and associated hardware, including resilient rail fasteners designed to provide a smoother ride

  • Installed 5 new track switches

  • Replaced 105,000 linear feet of communication cable, 34,000 feet of antenna cable, and 35 emergency alarms and telephones.

  • Installed three new pumps capable of removing more than 1,900 gallons of water per minute.

  • Installed emergency pump control at higher elevation

  • Installed 37,000 linear feet of new tunnel lighting cable with 1,300 tunnel lighting fixtures.

  • Installed 59 new valves and fittings on the existing wet fire line in the tunnel

  • Installed a new signal system with 295,000 linear feet of signal cable, five switch machines, 53 stop machines,
    60 junction boxes, 33 track cases and 60 signal heads.

  • Installed new signal room with 18 cabinets at higher elevation


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