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Limited-Stop Service to LaGuardia Airport

Fast, convenient service
subway and rail connections to
LaGuardia Airport.

Get your trip off to a flying start! With Q70 Limited-Stop Service.

The Q70 Limited (LTD) provides faster service: up to 40% faster.*
Because the Q70 LTDtravels on highways instead of narrow, congested streets and makes fewer stops, your travel time from Jackson Heights can be reduced by up to 40%.

*Compared to the former Q33 route between Jackson Heights and LaGuardia Airport.

The Q70 LTD provides direct subway and rail connections to LaGuardia Airport
The Q70 LTD provides direct, full-time, limited-stop service between the E subwayM subwayF subwayR subway7 subway Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av subway station, the Long Island Rail Road at Woodside and Terminals B, C and D inside LaGuardia Airport. This is good news for subway riders traveling to or from Manhattan and Brooklyn; and for Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) passengers traveling to or from Penn Station, Eastern Queens or Long Island.

Travel time on the Q70 LTD is approximately 8–10 minutes between Jackson Heights and LaGuardia Airport and 10-15 minutes between Woodside and LaGuardia Airport.

Travel between LaGuardia Airport and Midtown Manhattan takes approximately 35 minutes by transferring between the Q70 LTD and the subway (this transfer is free when using MetroCard).

The Q70 LTD operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Whether your flight leaves late at night or during the day, the Q70 LTD will get you to LaGuardia. Here is the schedule:

Times (Daily)
Times (Daily)
5 AM to 7 AM 
Every 20 minutes
5 AM to 7 AM
Every 20 minutes
7 AM to 8 AM
Every 15 minutes
7 AM to 8 AM
Every 15 minutes
8 AM to 10 PM
Every 12 minutes
8 AM to 9 PM
Every 12 minutes
10 PM to 12 AM
Every 15 minutes
9 PM to 10 PM
Every 15 minutes
12 AM to 1 AM
Every 20 minutes
10 PM to 1 AM
Every 20 minutes
1 AM to 5 AM
Every 30 minutes
1 AM to 5 PM
Every 30 minutes

Bring your baggage on board.
To accommodate airline passengers, the Q70 LTD is outfitted with special luggage racks, so you can stow your bags as you travel on our comfortable, climate-controlled, handicapped accessible buses.

The fare is $2.75
Pay your fare on the bus with MetroCard or exact fare in coins (no bills, half dollars, or pennies are accepted).

If you use MetroCard, a free transfer is automatically encoded onto your card, which can be used to transfer to
the subway, or between buses. If you pay with coins, ask the bus operator for a free transfer to use on another
bus. (If you pay with coins on the bus there is no free transfer to the subway). Transfers are good for two
hours from the time you pay your fare.

You can buy a MetroCard that gives you unlimited rides (that includes all free transfers). Or, you can buy a
MetroCard with a specific number of rides that automatically gives you one free transfer every time you pay a
fare. You can purchase MetroCard at MetroCard Vending Machines inside Terminals B, C, and D in LaGuardia
Airport or at any NYC subway station.

Connections between the Q70 LTD and the Long Island Rail Road require purchase of a separate LIRR ticket, which can be purchased at the LIRR station.

Marine Air Terminal (Terminal A)
The Q70 LTD does not serve the Marine Air Terminal (Terminal A). For the Marine Air Terminal, take the Q47
to/from Jackson Heights (Roosevelt Av/74 St-Broadway E subwayM subwayF subwayR subway7 subway station). Or take the free airport courtesy bus Route A; transfer to/from the Q70 LTD at Terminals B, C or D.

For more information
Visit to plan your trip with TripPlanner+, or call 511 from the New York City region (or 877-690-5116 for out of region callers). For automated travel information 24/7, agents are available from 6 AM to 10 PM
daily. If you are hearing impaired, use your preferred relay service provider or the 711 free relay.

The Q70 LTD takes you to the
following terminals and airlines:

Terminal B
Air Canada • American •
American Eagle • Envoy •
Frontier • JetBlue • Southwest •
Spirit• United • Virgin America


Terminal C
Delta • Delta Shuttle (Boston) • American • American Eagle • American Shuttle

Terminal D
Delta • WestJet
Terminal A - Marine Air Terminal
(Q47 bus)

Delta Shuttle (Chicago &
Washington, DC)

LaGuardia Airport Map

CLICK here for the Q70 bus schedule


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