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Myrtle Avenue Line Infrastructure Projects

Our Efforts
Questions and Answers about Myrtle Avenue Line Infrastructure Projects

  • What is the extent of the work on the Myrtle Avenue line, and how long will it take to get done?

    The critical work on the Myrtle Avenue line entails the complete demolition and rebuilding of the Myrtle Viaduct and the Fresh Pond Bridge. While temporary, these two phases of work will necessitate the partial suspension of M subway service at stations between Metropolitan Av and Myrtle Av from summer 2017 to spring 2018. Along with being critical to M subway service, the Myrtle Avenue line work must be completed before we begin Sandy Recovery and Resiliency work in the L subway Canarsie Tunnel; during the L subway tunnel reconstruction, the M subway will become a key travel alternative.

  • What is the Myrtle Viaduct?

    The 310-foot-long Myrtle Viaduct is a critical link for M subway subway customers. This structure is adjacent to properties on Ditmars and Myrtle Avenues. The two-track, concrete elevated right-of-way connects the Myrtle Avenue M subway and Jamaica J subway / Z subway lines, enabling M subway customers to travel between Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Built in 1913, the viaduct has been serving New Yorkers for over one hundred years.

  • Why does M subway service over the Viaduct need to be shut down?

    While regular monitoring and critical maintenance permits ongoing service, the 103-year-old viaduct is now beyond its useful life. The aged concrete deck has suffered major deterioration, and the tracks and structure must be replaced. A full shutdown of M subway service over the Myrtle Viaduct is the only option due to the nature of the work and construction site constraints.

  • What is the Fresh Pond Bridge, and how does work impact M subway service?

    In Ridgewood, Queens, the M subway uses the 100-year- old Fresh Pond Bridge to cross over the New York & Atlantic Railway's tracks. While the 55’ long Fresh Pond Bridge is not as expansive as the 310’ Myrtle Viaduct, it links the Fresh Pond Rd M subway station and the Metropolitan Av M subway terminal. The structure not only provides a bridge between stations, it also permits access to the subway car storage yards that are critical to providing service. Unfortunately, the bridge has sustained damage over the years and must be replaced if we're to maintain reliable M subway service.

  • What is the overall timeline and reconstruction plan?

    We plan to rebuild the structures in two phases over a period of ten months:

    • Phase I (July –August 2017, 2 months) – Begin work on the Myrtle Viaduct and replace the Fresh Pond Bridge.

    • Phase II (September 2017 through April 2018, 8 months) – Complete remaining Myrtle Viaduct reconstruction work.

  • What service alternatives will be available to M subway customers?
  • Our goal is to mitigate the impact of the disruption as much as we can and restore full M subway service as quickly as possible.

    During Phase I: Between Metropolitan Av and Myrtle Av/Broadway, M subway service will be replaced by free shuttle buses. VIEW MAP

    During Phase II: Between Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs and Myrtle Av/Broadway, M subway service will be replaced by free shuttle buses. Special M shuttle trains will operate between Metropolitan Av and Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs, where L service is available, and M subway trains will operate between Manhattan and Broadway Junction, where A subway , C subway , J subway , L subway services are available. VIEW MAP

  • What about residents and property owners who live near or own property near the line?

    Rebuilding the subway structure will call for demolition and construction with heavy equipment, including the use of cranes.With site constraints and the adjacent properties inches away from some commercial properties and as close as 5’ to some residences, it would be unsafe to perform the work without relocating the businesses and residents in the adjacent buildings. The MTA has been and remains committed to working with residents, businesses and property owners, and will fully compensate business owners for lost earnings during any closure due to construction. The MTA will assist residents in finding temporary accommodations, pay all housing expenses during the period of relocation, and pay for all moving costs to and from temporary residences. The MTA also will the pay rent owed by tenants directly to property owners to ensure that the owners are made whole and that the tenants fulfill their lease obligations.

  • Will the buildings adjacent to the Myrtle Viaduct be demolished?

    No.The buildings will be protected, and the residents and businesses will be allowed to return at the conclusion of construction.

  • Will the work on the M subway coincide with the work on the L subway ?

    The M subway line repairs are scheduled to be completed months before any 24/7 closure of the Canarsie Tunnel begins. This will ensure that the M subway can provide an alternative service to L subway riders during the shutdown.

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