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2015 Service Enhancements


Route 2015 Service Enhancement Implementation
J subway
We have extended J subway service from Chambers St to Broad St on weekends. This enables customers to transfer to the J subway at the new Fulton Center to reach the growing Williamsburg, Bushwick and Lower East Side areas.

Jun 2015
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Implementing Select Bus Service to provide improved crosstown speed service between the dense neighborhoods in the Upper West Side and Upper East Side.
Jul 2015
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Extending weekend service to the Bay Plaza Shopping Center to serve a growing shopping center which features a new large enclosed mall.
Sep 2015
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Staten Island Railway

Ferry Connections Phase II
In conjunction with the expansion of Staten Island Ferry service frequency in 2014 and 2015, New York City Transit bus and Staten Island Railway trips are being added or adjusted to better connect ferry passengers to local transit service in Staten Island

Oct 2015
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Implementing Select Bus Service to provide faster, more reliable service between growing commercial hubs in downtown Flushing and Jamaica, while serving as a vital inter-borough transit link from Queens to the Bronx.
Nov 2015
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Ongoing Efforts for Our Customers

  • Improving service quality and response time
    Coordinating Track, Signals and Third Rail teams to respond more quickly to delays so our customers are inconvenienced as little as possible.

  • Safety initiatives
    • Increasing inspections and utilizing the latest technology to keep subway tracks in a state of good repair.
    • Inspecting and maintaining signals, fire safety and communications systems so they operate at peak efficiency.
    • Training and supervising bus drivers so they comply with all rules and perform to the highest safety standards.
    • Installing the latest “active collision avoidance systems” on buses and “pedestrian warning systems” to ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

  • Station maintenance
    Cleaning and maintaining stations for the comfort and convenience of our customers.


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