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Fix&Fortify Sandy Recovery Work

G line icon Service Affected by Greenpoint Under River Tube Weekend Closures

Superstorm Sandy was the most destructive storm ever to hit the New York City subway system, causing an incredible amount of damage within the space of just a few hours. The storm surge pushed millions of gallons of water into the most vulnerable areas of the system, including nine under river tubes relied upon by millions of subway commuters who travel between boroughs daily.

In order to service as quickly as possible while still maintaining safety, temporary repairs were made to these vital tunnels. Components were cleaned, inspected and approved for service, but given the extent of the damage caused by lengthy periods of submersion in brackish water, their useful lifespan has been shortened, leading to an increased number of failures and delays for you our customers.

Given the current state of this critically important but unseen infrastructure, we need to make full repairs to the G line icon Line’s Greenpoint Tube, and by doing so over twelve, 55-hour long weekends starting July 6, means we can get the work done more efficiently when ridership is the lightest. The northernmost three stops, Greenpoint Ave., 21 St and Court Square, will be closed during these weekends with service replaced by a shuttle bus linking the closed stops.

Sandy’s damage to the system was historic. The Greenpoint Tube which connects Long Island City with the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, was flooded with 3 million gallons of salt water at the height of the storm. Tracks and equipment were totally submerged, and the tunnel’s pump controls, electrical, communications, fan control and signal equipment all incurred serious damage. Power cables that were immersed in salt water are corroding from the inside, while corrosion on the outside of rails and fasteners raises the potential for short circuits. The controls for ventilation, lighting and communication systems were destroyed and have not been restored to their pre-Sandy condition.

To address that damage as well as in order to make the system more resilient, MTA New York City Transit has identified the Greenpoint Tube as the initial focus for Fix & Fortify efforts. Photographs of the extensive damage to parts and components in these tubes tell the story of the effects caused by corrosive salt water.

Fix & Fortify work will repair the under river tubes and the delicate equipment that was submerged, while reinforcing the system to make it less vulnerable to future severe weather events.

Beyond Greenpoint Tube Work
Other specific areas targeted for recovery and resiliency efforts are:

  • Design, plan and repair work in the 53rd Street E Line icon M Line icon, Montague R Line icon, Cranberry A Line icon, Rutgers F Line icon, Clark Street 2 Line icon 3 Line icon, Canarsie L Line icon Joralemon 4 Line icon 5 Line icon and Steinway 7 Line icon subway tubes;
  • Plan and design work for flood mitigation at the Coney Island, 148th Street, and 207th Street subway car yards and 12 ventilation plants in multiple low-lying areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx;
  • Design and development of flood prevention and mitigation equipment at the entrances to several low-lying Lower Manhattan subway stations, including: Rector St 1 line Icon, Rector St R line Icon, Broad St J line Icon Z line Icon, Bowling Green 4 line Icon 5 line Icon, Whitehall St R line Icon, South Ferry 1 line Icon (currently closed) , Old South Ferry Loop Station 1 line Icon (brought back into operation).
  • Pump room augmentation;
  • Flood mitigation at the St. George Terminal of the Staten Island Railway;
  • Repairs to the Clifton Shop in Staten Island

As part this work, the many intricate systems and components of the subway system will be studied: Subway entrances, ventilator gratings, vents, elevator shafts and openings, access hatches, emergency exits, manholes, utility entrances, escalators, machine rooms, pump rooms, sewer lines, conduit ducts, utility services, lighting, HVAC, fare collection equipment, building entrances and right of way equipment.





G line icon Service During Weekend Greenpoint Tube Closures

No G line icon trains between Court Sq and Nassau Av
No G line icon service at Court Sq, 21 St, and Greenpoint Av stations

Twelve weekends scheduled
11:45 PM Friday through 5 AM Monday each weekend

July to December 2013
July 5 - 8   12 - 15   19 – 22    
August 2 - 5   9 - 12   16 - 19   23 - 26
September 6 - 9   27 - 30        
October 4 - 7            
December 6 - 9   13 – 16        

While not expected, dates are subject to change.
Visit for up-to-date information, or call 511


Getting Around:

Free shuttle buses provide alternate service on two routes
1. Via Manhattan Av between Nassau Av G line icon and Court Sq.
2. Via McGuinness Blvd between Lorimer St L line icon and Court Sq.

• Transfer between G line icon trains and the shuttle buses at Nassau Av station.
• Transfer between L line icon trains and the shuttle buses at Lorimer St station.
• Transfer between trains and shuttle buses at Court Sq station.

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