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Fix&Fortify Sandy Recovery Work

G Greenpoint Tubes
1 Weekend Completed
Check markWhat we accomplished
      July 5 - 8

Workers during duct bank demolition

Track worker cutting rail

Cable bracket installation

Check markDemolished 60 feet of duct bank.

Check markRepaired 700 feet of track.

Check markInstalled 1900 feet of cable.

• July 12 - 15: Next round of work

• 11 Weekends to go in 2013

Fixing the Greenpoint Tubes

The G line icon Greenpoint underwater tubes flooded to a height of 15 feet during Superstorm Sandy.  The flooding resulted in salt water corroding the power cables, rails, and fasteners, raising the potential for future service delays. Ventilation, lighting, pump control, and signal communication systems were destroyed. While temporary repairs were made after the storm, all of these vital systems need permanent repairs. Fix & Fortify work will restore and rebuild components in the Greenpoint Tubes to restore reliable train service, and, where feasible, add resilient features to make the G line icon line less vulnerable to future severe weather events.

Work commences with this 12-weekend effort in 2013, with a second phase of work to follow in 2014. Given the current state of this critically important, but unseen infrastructure, we need to make full repairs to the G line icon Line’s Greenpoint tubes. By doing so for twelve weekends, over the course of six months, we can get work done more efficiently when ridership is the lightest.

Get more information about our work in the Greenpoint Tubes, plus the full calendar of service changes here.




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