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Fix&Fortify Sandy Recovery Work Planned Service Changes
A subway
Weekend Work
Eighth Weekend Completed
Check markWhat we accomplished
     April 1 – 4

Check mark Installed 1,700 feet of communication cable
Check mark Installed 3,400 feet of fiber optic cable and new fiber optic distribution panel
Check mark Installed 5,040 feet of power feeder cable and 10,080 feet of control cable for the mid-river pump
Check mark Installed new signal equipment supports
Check mark Installed automatic transfer switches for reserve power
Check mark Installed 935 feet of conduit
Check mark Removal of existing, abandoned power feeder cables
Check mark Repaired 90 square feet of the tube liner
Check mark Performed segment-to-segment Megger Testing of previous installations
Check mark Renewed 590-foot section of track at High St station
Check mark Installed 646 new track plates, abrasion pads, and other hardware
Check mark Replaced 45 tie blocks
April 8 - 11: Next round of work
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