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2015 Line Work & Planned Service Changes

7 Weekend Work
Second Weekend Completed
Check markWhat we accomplished
      January 9 - 12

Check mark Installed new Wayside Radio Unit antenna cables and performed equipment testing
Check mark
Completed station site surveys
Check mark Installed new “Next Train” sign and associated conduits
Check mark Installed 10 new bracket supports for power cables
Check mark Installed 15-foot-high fiberglass cable ladder and re-fed two cables to a new switch
Check mark Performed circuit breaker house maintenance and repair, including asbestos abatement, door lock installation, and painting
Check mark Removed 20 feet of old track feeder cables
Check mark Replaced rails at four switch locations
Check mark

Performed maintenance and tamping of track and switches

•  January 17 - 19: Next round of work

2015 7 subway Line Weekend Work

In 2015, significant weekend work on three capital improvement projects on the 7 subway Line in Queens continues: installation of a new Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) signal system; elevated track replacement and infrastructure work; and the reconstruction and fortification of the Steinway Tubes.

The majority of this work is scheduled over weekends when ridership is lower and gives our workers continuous, train-free access to the 7 subway Line.  We are aware of the inconvenience these and other disruptions cause, and we appreciate your patience.

These projects will bring a modern, state-of-the-art signal system and reliable, resilient infrastructure upgrades to the 7 subway Line.

Get more information about our work on the 7 subway Line, plus the full calendar of service changes, here.


January 2 - 5, 2015

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