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7 Line Subway IconLine Construction

Update on the work underway

Critical maintenance and infrastructure work in the more than century-old Steinway Tunnel, which links Manhattan and Queens on the 7 line subway icon line, continues this weekend between 12:01 am
Saturday and 5:00 am Monday. During that time, service between Times Square and Queensboro Plaza was suspended. We realize this service disruption was an inconvenience, but the work is crucial to maintaining reliable service and the installation of a new signal system known as Communications Based Train Control (CBTC).

The station was closed to allow for the replacement of the platforms, windscreens (platform walls), and installation of Americans with Disability Act (ADA) boarding areas. We're also using this time to perform station repair work at the Hunters Point and Vernon-Jackson Ave stations, including the replacement of the platform edge concrete, install new rubbing board and tactile platform edge ADA warning strips and repairing damaged platform areas, walls, track ceilings and improving station lighting.

During last weekend's shutdown
(March 31 - April 2) our maintenance workers and contractors accomplished several tasks as part of this work:

Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av Station

On the Flushing-bound platform,
installation of 694 feet of tactile (ADA) warning tiles and caulking, and installation of eight platform drains with piping to track drain trough, was completed. More than 95 feet of lighting fixtures were raised to improve headroom. Inspections of the platform edge, rubbing board, tactile tiles, concrete topping and platform drainage were conducted on the Flushing-bound and Manhattan-bound platforms.

Hunters Point Av Station

Work concerning the concrete encasement of the base of the steel beams as well as the painting of the ceiling above the tracks was completed. Also, spall (flaking of concrete) repair and removing of abandoned conduits from under the platforms was completed.

Court Sq Station

The station service booth was placed in service and all work necessary for the reopening was completed. On the Flushing-bound and Manhattan-bound platforms, the installation of the rubbing board (edge of platform) and tactile (ADA) warning tiles was completed. Installation of about 90 percent of the windscreens (station walls) was completed. A missing windscreen section is protected by a safety barrier. The steps and handrails on the staircases connecting both platforms to the mezzanine and new station signage was also installed.

Signal System Modernization CBTC, Flushing Line

The contractor performed work associated with modernizing the signal system on the Flushing line. This line will be equipped with a modern Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) system. The work over the last weekend included pulling cable, installing cable straps, installing conduits, chopping and patching of signal locations, delivery of material, and construction work for the signal rooms.

Additional Work

Existing ducts are being demolished on both sides of the Steinway Tunnel. A new duct bank is being built where new cables that supplies traction (third rail) power for the 7 line subway icon Line. The contractor applied 117 gallons of grout behind the wall and floor where the existing ducts were removed.

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