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Fix&Fortify Sandy Recovery Work Planned Service Changes
4 subway
Weekend Work
Fourth Weekend Completed
Check markWhat we accomplished
     April 8 - 11

Check mark Injected chemical grouting to repair 981 feet of tunnel surface
Check mark Demolished 6,000 feet of existing tunnel lighting, receptacles, and conduits
Check mark Removed existing tube liner drip pans
Check mark Surveyed for new tunnel lighting room, pump room upgrades, and South Ferry vent shaft stair rehabilitation
Check mark Renewed 155 feet of track infrastructure near Bowling Green
Check mark Installed 148 new hardwood and stone ties secured with resilient rail fastener plates
Check mark Installed noise and vibration-dampening abrasion pads
Check mark Replaced 14 running rails and five guard rails
April 15– 18: Next round of work
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