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Weekend Work
Thirty-eighth Weekend Completed
Check markWhat we accomplished
     March 2 – 5  

Check mark Chopped 40 feet of blocked ducts
Check mark Chopped track bed at nine locations and installed 120 feet of conduit
Check mark Connected and tested communications cable at 18 Emergency Alarm/Telephone locations
Check mark Installed 1,900 feet of fiber optic cable, 150 feet of communications cable, 300 feet of antenna cable, and 1,446 feet of miscellaneous cable
Check mark Painted conduit in Borough Hall Station
Check mark Installed 16 mechanical piping valves and pieces
Check mark Installed 23 sound powered telephones
Check mark Installed 350 feet of conduit in pump rooms and 105 feet of ventilation shaft conduit
Check mark Installed 250 feet of inner duct
Check mark Installed two Emergency Alarm brackets
Check mark Completed miscellaneous signal work
March 9 - 12 : Next round of work
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