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Ride Safe, Ride Smart

Important information you should know in the unlikely event of an emergency

Evacuations aren't often necessary. New York City Transit provides more than four and a half million subway rides each weekday and rarely has to evacuate a car. But to help ensure your safety, all on-board subway personnel receive training for emergencies on a regular basis.

Note for Customers who use Wheelchairs
Some emergencies require that stretchers be used to help customers in wheelchairs leave the train. When this happens, wheelchairs are removed separately and returned to the owners as soon as possible.

Click here
to learn how to evacuate a train in the event of an emergency (decals, diagrams and tips).

Click here to view Customer Safety - Train Evacuation Video.


Photo of passengers on subway Whatever the emergency, MTA New York City Transit personnel are there to keep you informed and assist you.


Photos of subway control center, passengers, and conductor





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