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Rules of Conduct and Fines

Click here for the full text of the New York City Transit Rules of Conduct.  The following are among the most frequent violations for which summonses are issued:

Fare Evasion: $100 Fine
Individuals are not permitted to enter the New York City Transit subway system or buses without payment of the fare. This includes instances when your MetroCard is not functioning properly.

Interference with Movement: $100 Fine
Riders are not allowed to obstruct movement of trains by means of preventing subway doors from closing, activating the emergency brake cord in a non-emergency or other interference that will create delays or accidents.

Smoking: $50 Fine
Riders may not smoke anywhere on New York City Transit property which includes outdoor stations.

Unauthorized movement between subway cars: $75 Fine
Riders may not move between subway cars even if the train is not in motion, except in an emergency or when directed by police officer, conductor or authorized MTA/New York City Transit employee.

Seat Obstruction: $50 Fine
Riders may not lie down or place feet on the seat of a train, bus or platform bench or occupy more than one seat.  Riders may not place bags or personal items on seats in circumstances when doing so, will interfere with transit operation or otherwise impede the comfort of other passengers.

Other violations include:
Commission of Harmful Acts: $100 Sleeping where hazardous: $50
Vandalism or Obstruction of Traffic $100 Gambling: $50
Carrying Weapons: $100 Unnecessary noise: $50
Use of unauthorized/substitute Metrocard:     $75 Drinking Alcohol:   $50
Graffiti/Scratchitti or other defacement: $75 Impairment by alcohol or drugs: $50
Throwing Objects: $75 Breach of Peace: $50
Riding Outside of Vehicle: $75 Entering restricted areas: $50
Extend body/Item outside Vehicle: $75 Unauthorized parking:      $50
Carrying long objects: $75 Unauthorized entrance/exit: $50
Carrying obstructive objects: $75 Posting notices or signs: $25
Carrying hazardous objects: $75 Unauthorized non-transit use:     $25
Unauthorized sale of Metrocard: $60 Activity in prohibited area: $25
Non-transit use of facilities: $50 Interfere with passenger movement:     $25
Unauthorized Commercial activity/solicitation: $50 Activity near construction: $25
Violating Transit Authority orders:         $50 Excessive noise: $25
Violating Transit Authority sign/notice: $50 Media Device: $25
Failure to provide requested information: $50 Sound production device: $25
Interference w/wheelchair facilities/conveyances: $50 Misrepresent affiliation:    $25
Misrepresentation as a Transit employee: $50 Carrying liquid in open containers: $25
Littering, urinating, defecating, spitting, or unauthorized trash removal: $50 Unauthorized photography, filming: $25
    Unauthorized animal $25

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