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To Appeal a Hearing Decision

If following an in-person hearing or a hearing by mail, you disagree with the final determination of the Hearing Officer, you may file an appeal within 30 days from the Notice of Decision and Order.  The appeal will be decided by an Appeals Board consisting of three Hearing Officers who did not serve as the original Hearing Officers who decided your case.
Click here to download an appeal form.

In your appeal, you must specify the reason(s) why the Hearing Officer's final decision should be reversed or modified based on error of law or fact. It is important to understand that the Appeals Board cannot consider testimony or evidence that was not presented to the initial Hearing Officer. Unless otherwise requested, it is not a requirement for you, your attorney or other authorized representative to attend the appeal however, if you wish to attend you should so advise TAB in writing when filing your appeal. You will be advised either personally or by registered certified mail of the date of the appeal.

Please note that as a condition of an appeal, you are ordinarily required to pay the fine when filing your appeal. The amount of the fine will be returned to you in the event that the appeal results in a determination that the violation should not be upheld.

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