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Bid Results

The bid results in the file below reflects vendor bid submissions for MTA NYC Transit formal procurement solicitations of material, construction and non-construction Strategic Sourcing Events for the past 365 days, rolling.


Bid Result Definitions

SSE Number: Strategic Sourcing Event ID.  May also be called Solicitation Number.
Bid Close Date: The date bid submissions are due and opened
Class Award: If no, items to be awarded individually
Item Description: Description of item/service being purchased
Vendor Name: The company name(s) submitted on bid documents
UOM: Unit of Measure
Quantity: Amount of material/service requested
Unit Price: Price bid per unit

Results for Solicitations that were completed prior to November 16, 2016 can be found on the link below:

NYCT Procurement Home | Bid Results | Vendor Notifications | Storerooms | Contacts | Vendor Portal

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