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MTA NYC Transit Sole Source Procurements

The documents contained on this site have been prepared by MTA NYC Transit (NYCT) and are the intellectual property of NYCT. The documents contain the specific requirements and terms of NYCT procurements, applicable to the specific solicitation. These documents are made available for download solely for the use of prospective bidders or proposers, in the preparation and submission of bids or proposals and may not be used for any other purpose or transferred to any other person without the express written permission of NYCT. Any alteration of these documents without the express NYCT authorization by formal written addendum is prohibited and may result in appropriate remedies, including, without limitation, the rejection of any bid or proposal submitted on such an altered version as non-responsive and a finding that the person or firm submitting such bid or proposal is not responsible.

MTA-NYCT Omnibus Sole Source Approvals

MTA-NYCT is hereby giving notice to vendors the list of goods and/or services purchased by NYCT available only from a single manufacturer currently on the aforementioned Omnibus Sole Source Approval.


The QPL is a list of New York City Transit inventory stock items whose products" require a standardized procurement for reasons of efficiency, economy, compatibility or maintenance reliability. QPL products have been screened prior to solicitation, and been found acceptable based on test and/or performance data.

QPL Products


MTA-NYCT Other Sole Source Procurements
MTA-NYCT is hereby giving notice to vendors that the following list of goods and/or services has been purchased by NYCT during the previous 12 months, available only from a single manufacturer without competitive bidding from the only known source(s).

Other Sole Source Procurements


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