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(Effective 10/01/18)

The Federal Transit Administration’s paratransit regulations permit New York City Transit (NYCT) to establish an administrative process to suspend, for a reasonable period of time, the paratransit service of customers who establish a pattern or practice of missing scheduled trips, except where the trips are missed for reasons that are not under their control. This Policy implements the federal regulation.

NYCT will record each customer “no-show” or “late cancellation” as a missed trip.  Customers whose missed trips are excessive, as defined by this Policy, may be suspended for a reasonable period of time.  This policy applies to both advance reservation and subscription trips.


Customers are responsible for cancelling any trips they no longer need.  To cancel a trip, customers must call either 877-337-2017 or 718-393-4999 and when the recorded message begins, customers should press “1” for English (and then press “4” to speak with a representative) or press “2” for Spanish.  For all other languages, press “3”. Follow the recorded instructions.  Customers who are deaf call through the relay. 

Missed trips may occur for reasons beyond a customer’s control.  Therefore, customers will be given seven (7) points each month that can be used in the event of a no-show and/or late cancellation.  One point will then be deducted for each no-show and/or late cancellation that occurred during that month.   When a customer’s no-shows and/or late cancellations exceed the allotted 7 points within the month, it will be considered a “pattern or practice” of missed trips and a violation of the Policy.

Customers in violation of the Policy (whether advance reservation or subscription trips) will receive written notification that he/she has violated the No-Show/Late Cancellation Policy and is scheduled for suspension.  The notice will identify each late cancellation and/or no-show that the customer made and advise the customer of the dates when the suspension begins and ends, as well as the date the customer can begin to use the paratransit service again.

Customers shall be subject to the following suspension periods for violation of this Policy that occur within a rolling 12-month period.  Repeated violations of this Policy will cause the length of suspensions to increase. 

•  First violation  Warning Notification no suspension
•  Second violation   1st suspension (one-week period)
• Third violation  2nd suspension (two-week period)
• Fourth violation  3rd suspension (three-week period)

The 5th violation and subsequent suspension during the rolling 12–month period will result in a four-week suspension period per suspension.

In addition, subscription service will be cancelled for any customer who is suspended under this Policy.  Each suspension of service under the No Show/ Late Cancellation Policy will result in the suspension of subscription service for 30 days per suspension. Customers who have multiple suspensions due to violations of this Policy will face a 30-day suspension from subscription service for each applicable suspension.

Any suspended subscription service customer must reapply if he/she wishes to be considered for a new subscription.  However, the request will not be considered until 30 days after the suspension end date.

Customers who have been notified of a scheduled suspension from AAR paratransit service have the right to appeal, either in writing or in person.  Appeal hearings are held at 33-00 Northern Blvd., Long Island City, NY 11101.



No suspension will take effect if customers have filed an appeal according to the instructions and by the deadlines noted in this Policy, and the Paratransit Appeals Board has not determined the outcome of the appeal.


NYCT will advise customers in writing of its decision concerning their appeal.  If the suspension is upheld, the notice of decision will provide customers with the beginning and ending dates of the suspension period.  

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