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Recognizes Outstanding Drivers
By Gary Schiavone, director of transportation for Standards & Compliance

It’s quite an accomplishment to drive a large commercial vehicle through New York City’s teeming streets almost every day for two years without an accident, and without receiving a moving violation. We are proud of the drivers who have reached this milestone!

To honor them, AAR conducted award ceremonies at carrier sites.  Between 20 and 40 drivers at each site, along with other carrier staff, were presented with safety jackets and special hats.  The awardees have proven their competence, reliability and dedication to customer safety.

If you would like to commend a dedicated AAR driver, call the MTA New York City Transit Customer Assistance line at TTY 718-596-8273 or write to us at Access-A-Ride, MTA NYC Transit, Paratransit Division, 130 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 or email and click on Contact Us.


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