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Avoid Fraudulent Activity at MetroCard® Vending Machines

Metrocard Vending Machine
Protect yourself against possible credit/debit card fraud when using MetroCard Vending Machines (MVMs).  Here are some important tips from the Better Business Bureau to help safeguard your personal information when buying MetroCards at MVMs:
  • Beware of suspicious activity at or around the MVMs. Walk away from the machine if you notice someone watching you, or if you sense something suspicious.

  • When entering your Personal Identification Number (PIN) number, stand close to the machine and hold your hand or a piece of paper over the keypad or screen to make it more difficult for a person or camera to watch you.

  • Never keep a written copy of your PIN in your wallet or purse.

  • Before using an MVM, examine nearby objects that might conceal a camera; check the card slot for a plastic sheath before inserting your card.

  • Beware of strangers offering to help you with an MVM or ATM that appears disabled and notify someone responsible for the security of the machine.

  • Review your account statements on a regular basis, either online or on paper, and check for unauthorized withdrawals and purchases. If you find one, immediately contact your bank or credit card provider, as this will limit your financial liability for fraudulent charges.

Finally, if you feel your personal information has been compromised while using a New York City Transit MetroCard Vending Machine, contact MTA Police at 718-361-2201 immediately.

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