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Women in Transit

Women wear many hats at NYC Transit, including hard hats.  As an Equal Opportunity Employer, our hiring practices extend to people with vastly different levels of education, experience, age, and cultural backgrounds, from Civil Service titles to positions obtained via professional career and salary job postings.

Many women enter our Student Experiential Programs while they are still in school.  This experience may help them gain full-time employment with NYC Transit upon graduation.

Women have worked in public transportation for 100 years, as typists, phone operators, or railroad clerks dispensing coins and tokens for subway fare.  However, as our Historical Overview shows, women in Transit had a variety of roles at different points in the 20th Century.  Today, women who are electricians, mechanics, supervisors, train and bus operators, or graphic designers are not a rarity at NYC Transit.  As we strive to meet the growing demands for public transportation in the 21st Century, we hope you will join our “Transit family.”


women in transit

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