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Skilled Trades Positions

To view and apply for the current available skilled trade positions with New York City Transit, please select the link below:

NEW - Power Cable Maintainers (Provisional) , Job ID:  92075
NEW - Structure Maintainer F (Sign Painter) (Provisional) , Job ID:  92166
NEW - Ventilation and Drainage Maintainer (TA Elec-Mech Maintainer), Job ID:  91435
NEW - Track Equipment Maintainer 01-E, Job ID:  89326
NEW - Bus Maintainer A (Auto body) TWU L100 01-E, Job ID: 92249
NEW - Electronic Equipment Maintainer (Subways) , Job ID: 92443
NEW - Heating and Air Conditioning Maintainer, Job ID: 91485
NEW - Sheet Metal Worker (Structure Maintainer D) , Job ID: 90516
NEW - Elevator & Escalator Specialist, Job ID: 90215
NEW - Elevator and Escalator Maintainer, Job ID: 91379.
High Pressure Plant Tender, Job ID: 86393.


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