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Skilled Trades Positions

Subway Car Mechanics (Car Inspectors)

*Excellent opportunity for Mechanics with Electrical, Electronic or Electro-Mechanical experience.

Car Inspectors maintain and repair subway cars including car body electrical, electronic, mechanical and pneumatic equipment, truck equipment, body and truck brake rigging, electrical and pneumatic brake equipment, subway car bodies, air conditioning and heating equipment, and electrical and electronic control and motor equipment.

STARTING SALARY: $30.0224 per hour for a 40-hour work week, plus night and weekend pay differentials. Hourly rate is subject to change.

BENEFITS INCLUDE:  paid vacation/sick days/holidays, pension plan, comprehensive health plan, deferred compensation plan, and a free NYC Transit transportation pass.

REQUIREMENTS: Two years of full-time journey-level experience in the repair, troubleshooting and maintenance of large, heavy- duty electromechanical, electric or electronic equipment and machinery.

The two years of journey-level experience must be preceded by either:

To apply, send a detailed resume that includes dates of employment and any certifications/education you earned in the trade to: Please indicate Car Inspector in the subject line. To be considered for this position, resumes must be submitted no later than November 30, 2015.

*If you are hired into this temporary position, you must pass the next Civil Service Exam for this title with a score high enough to be appointed from the list to obtain permanent civil service status. For Exam Schedule information visit: