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Upcoming Exam Dates (listed chronologically)

Bus Operator, Exam No. 7612 (Updated 7/3/18):  Admission Letters were recently mailed to candidates that passed the multiple-choice test inviting them to complete the Bus Operator Selection Survey (BOSS) during the months of July and August. Please note that candidates that have already successfully completed the BOSS for another exam number (e.g., 7105, 7300) within the last year were not invited because they do not need to complete BOSS again for Exam No. 7612.

If you would like to check for possible changes to an exam’s expected date, due to extreme weather or other unforeseen events, please call (347) 643-7223 or visit this page.  For all other questions, you may email us at or call us at (347) 643-7221 / 7222.