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Upcoming Exam Dates (listed chronologically)

Promotion to Tower Operator, Exam No. 8729 (Updated 9/13/18): The written test for this exam, which was originally scheduled to be administered on 9/29/2018 & 9/30/2018, has been postponed due to conflicts with scheduled weekend work. The new test dates are expected to be 12/01/2018 & 12/02/2018. Specific test sessions will be determined with input from our operational departments.  An admission letter will be mailed to the address we have on file for each applicant by 11/12/2018. If applicants do not receive admission letters at least 10 days before 12/1/2018, they must contact us at

Bus Maintainer - Group A, Exam Nos. 8723 & 8617 (Updated 9/13/18): Practical testing for these exams, which was originally scheduled to begin during the first week of October of 2018, has been postponed. The new practical testing start date for these exams is expected to be 10/15/2018. If applicants do not receive admission letters at least 10 days before 10/15/2018, they must contact us at

Structure Maintainer - Group B (Mason), Exam No. 8609 (Updated 8/15/18): The Practical Skills Test for this exam that was scheduled to be administered August 16 through August 21, 2018 is being postponed until further notice. Once new test dates/times are determined, affected applicants will be mailed new Admission Letters. Our staff is calling affected applicants to inform them of this postponement. If you have any questions, feel free to call the individual coordinating this postponement announcement at (347) 643-7241. Alternately, you may also call us on the MTA Exam Unit’s general line: (347) 643-7221. Thank you, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Signal Maintainer, Exam Nos. 8718 & 8612 (Updated 8/14/18): Practical skills testing for both of these exams is expected to begin on Monday, September 17, 2018. Admission Letters, which will contain each applicant’s specific test date and time, will be mailed shortly. Important: If an applicant applied for both exams and receives two Admission Letters, the applicant should only attend the first test for which they are scheduled. The score from that test will be applied to each exam number for which eligibility or qualification requirements are met.    

Plant & Equipment Maintainer (Carpentry), Exam No. 8104 (Updated 7/30/18): The practical test for this exam, which was originally scheduled to begin in July 2018, has been postponed until further notice. Applicants should receive a letter in the mail when the new test date is determined. If applicants have any questions, they may email us at or call (347) 643-7221. Please note that applicants for this exam have also been informed of this postponement by email and telephone.

Bus Operator, Exam No. 7612 (Updated 7/3/18):  Admission Letters were recently mailed to candidates that passed the multiple-choice test inviting them to complete the Bus Operator Selection Survey (BOSS) during the months of July and August. Please note that candidates that have already successfully completed the BOSS for another exam number (e.g., 7105, 7300) within the last year were not invited because they do not need to complete BOSS again for Exam No. 7612.

If you would like to check for possible changes to an exam’s expected date, due to extreme weather or other unforeseen events, please call (347) 643-7223 or visit this page.  For all other questions, you may email us at or call us at (347) 643-7221 / 7222.