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Examination and Application Tips

Speed Up Your Career With These Tips from MTA NYC Transit

You read "The Chief" every week, you keep tabs on the city, state and federal websites, and after a while you find out about this great exam opportunity. You meet all of the qualifications, and you know you would be perfect for the job. Using some of the following tips will give you the best opportunity for going through the application process successfully.
  • Follow the application directions explicitly- it will save you time and effort. For example, some MTA NYC Transit exams require a POSTAL money order. So if you send a bank money order, it will not be accepted.

  • Complete all of the required application forms clearly and completely. The required forms are indicated on the top right corner of the Notice Examination (NOE). If an examination has an education and experience requirement, you will be required to complete an education and experience paper. Keep in mind that the education and experience paper is an important part of your examination. It will be used to determine if you meet the qualifications for the position and may be used in determining your test score. It is particularly important that you fill out this form carefully. Make sure you put down the dates of employment and education including the month and years as appropriate. Give a detailed description of your work responsibilities. Remember to provide information about all of your relevant education and work experience, not just the most recent.

  • Write legibly on the application and education/experience papers. If possible, type the information. Remember, if we can't read your information it is just as bad as not putting it down at all.

  • Proofread! Review your application on at least two separate occasions: preferably upon completion and the next day. Have someone you trust check the application and education/experience papers for accuracy.

  • NEVER misrepresent your education and experience on your application. Background investigations may include criminal and driving records, employment and education credentials. If misrepresentations are discovered, you will be dismissed - it's that simple. Note: a record of previous criminal convictions does not automatically disqualify an applicant; failure to disclose such a record does!

  • Make a copy of all your application papers. Keep a folder at home with the Notice of Examination, copy of the application, and money order/money order receipt. All of your correspondence should note the exam title and number and your list number once you receive it.

  • Some positions require that you have a driver's license. Some positions require that you have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) or permit for a CDL. For these positions, it is very important that you have a good driving record. Your current driving record will be reviewed at the time you are called to begin the employment process. It's a good idea to request an abstract from the Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure that you don't have outstanding tickets or points that were incorrectly placed on your record. Better to do this up-front than to encounter a problem when you are beginning the employment process.

  • Write down on your calendar the scheduled day of the exam. Contact the agency administering the exam at least four days prior if you have not received the admission card. Your address may have been entered incorrectly or your admission card may have been lost in the mail.

  • After you have taken an exam, your test papers will be rated and a hiring list established. When the hiring list is established, you will receive a notification card with your test score and, if you passed the exam, your list number. It is possible to keep tabs on status of exams you have taken and to check list activity. To follow-up on your New York City exam results and list number contact the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services, Certification Division, 1 Centre Street, 21 st Floor, New York, NY 10007 or call 212-669-1357.

  • If you move after you file for an exam, make sure to notify the agency that accepted your application. If we can't find you, you may lose out on a great opportunity.

The skills needed to correctly complete an application such as: attention to detail, ability to follow instructions well, persistence, and good reading and writing abilities, are the very skills required for a successful career at Transit. We wish you good fortune in the examination process and we hope to be seeing you soon at MTA NYC Transit.

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