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Unlawful discrimination and harassment based on an individual’s race, color, religion, creed, gender (including gender identity), national origin, age, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics, military status, marital status or status as a victim of domestic violence, sexual orientation, and prior  record of arrest or conviction is prohibited by MTA NYC Transit’s EEO Policy.  MTA NYC Transit has established an EEO Program to ensure equality of opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment.  Complaints of unlawful discrimination and/or harassment should be promptly reported to an immediate supervisor, Departmental EEO Liaison and/or to Joel C. Andrews, Chief Officer, Equal Employment Opportunity, 130 Livingston Street, Room 3005, Brooklyn, New York 11201, (718) 694-1730.

MTA NYC Transit’s EEO Program is comprised of the following elements:


Each year, the MTA NYC Transit President issues a letter regarding the agency’s EEO Policy which confirms MTA NYC Transit’s commitment to ensuring equal opportunity for employees and applicants in all employment practices, including recruitment, selection, promotions, terminations, transfers, layoffs, compensation, training, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment.  Joel C. Andrews, Chief Officer, Equal Employment Opportunity, is responsible for the implementation of MTA NYC Transit’s EEO Program.


The letter from MTA NYC Transit’s President on the EEO Policy is distributed annually to employees and is included in employee handbooks and the new employee orientation manual, posted in locations conspicuous to employees and where applications for employment is made, and posted on the Transit Employees Network Service (TENS) intranet.

MTA NYC Transit’s commitment to equal employment opportunity is communicated to all of its recruitment sources.  Advertisements and media publications confirm that the MTA NYC Transit is an EEO employer.

MTA NYC Transit’s EEO program is discussed as part of new employee orientations and at various training programs.

Meetings are held with managers to discuss MTA NYC Transit’s EEO program and its implementation.

MTA NYC Transit contacts professional organizations and recruitment sources that specialize in the placement of women and minorities.


Joel C. Andrews, Chief Officer, MTA NYC Transit Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, is responsible for coordinating MTA NYC Transit's EEO Program.  Mr. Andrews reports to the MTA NYC Transit President.


A utilization analysis is compiled as part of MTA NYC Transit’s Equal Employment Opportunity Program (EEO) for use in identifying any underutilization and/or concentration of minorities and women in relation to their availability in the relevant labor area.


MTA NYC Transit develops both long-range and short term goals for each job group where statistical underutilization of females and minorities has been identified and where vacancies are projected.


Managers are evaluated based upon their efforts to achieve the goals in MTA NYC Transit’s EEO Program.

MTA NYC Transit will conduct assessments to identify employment practices and other barriers that contribute to the underutilization of women and minorities.  From these assessments, the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity will identify any problem areas and develop a corrective program. If appropriate, remedial programs and affirmative action will be discussed in MTA NYC Transit’s EEO Program.

Internal monitoring and reporting systems have been established to provide documentation on MTA NYC Transit’s utilization of minorities and women.


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