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Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Support Aide

Project Number: 05-01 Electrical/Mechanical

Duration: 5-6 months

Hours: 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m. (35 hours per week)

Rate: According to student status (Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate level)

Department: Capital Program Management

Division: Engineering Services - Engineering Disciplines: Electrical & Mechanical

Work Location: 2 Broadway (may include various assignment locations) New York, NY 10004

Supervisor: Chiefs and Principal Engineers

Overview of Dept/Division:
The Engineering Service Division is responsible for technical direction and the quality of all engineering and design. Designs are developed with the intent of continuous improvement, standardizing designs where appropriate and guaranteeing cost effectiveness. See departmental information for further detail on each engineering sub-division.

Basic responsibilities including assisting engineers in design and field inspection work - including gathering field and design data, preparing reports, drawings and / or quality estimates. Assists in CADD design process.

Special Qualifications or Background Needed:

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is comprised of four groups: Electrical, Power, Instrumentation, and Electrical Core.

Works on projects with systems that use 600 volts AC/DC or less. Typical assignments include Fan Plants, and Station Lighting. In addition, the Electrical group acts as liaison with Con Edison to obtain more power.

Provides services for traction power projects, including Substations, Battery Control Systems, Data Acquisition Systems, and energy conservation projects.

Facilitates programs requiring instrumentation and control systems, such as monitoring New York City Transit's ventilation system. Other areas include Heating, Environmental Control Systems, and Security Monitoring.

Develops and updates electrical engineering standards and master specifications. Electrical Core also offers its expertise on projects that are outside the usual range, including New York Transit Museum Rehabilitation; Jay Street Cooling Systems; and the Court Square Power Walkway.

Mechanical Engineering

Provides a host of services in mechanical engineering fields:

Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) includes central boiler plants, centralized and unit HVAC equipment, and ventilation systems to maintain a safe and comfortable environment.

Plumbing systems deliver potable water to plumbing fixtures and sanitary wastes to city sewer lines.

Fire Suppression Systems include wet, dry, pre-action, and foam fire sprinkler systems, as well as station and subway tunnel fire systems.

Fire Storage and Dispensing Equipment get placed above ground and underground. Liquid fuel storage systems and dispensing equipment fuel buses, trains, and other vehicles.

Shop equipment consists of a wide array of items necessary to equip a bus depot: washers, lifts, fluid dispensing equipment, Keene (coin counting) machines, paint booths, and compressed air systems.

Material Handling Equipment includes hoists and overhead bridge cranes that service new technology trains in subway maintenance shops.

Tunnel Ventilation consists of fan plants, which provide airflow in the event of a fire, and are being installed throughout the subway system.

Track Drainage Systems include pumping equipment located throughout the subway system. Each site has two normal seepage pumps and one emergency pump, as well as a diesel powered pump car to remove water from a flooded tunnel.

Elevators (Hydraulic and Traction) in subway stations and other NYC Transit facilities help customers who use wheelchairs or have other mobility impairments to travel on public transportation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Escalators carry tens of thousands of passengers a day throughout subway stations. In addition, many station rehabilitation projects include building new escalators.

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