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Serves: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

Ridership: 2.4 million per average weekday 764 million annual in 2016.

Number of Buses: 5,710 in 2016

Accessibility: NYC Transit was the first public agency in the world to have a bus fleet 100 percent accessible to customers who use wheelchairs. Every bus is accessible to people in wheelchairs via front or rear-door lifts; many newer buses have low floors that enable customers to enter via front-door ramps.
DID YOU KNOW? New York City buses do not accept paper money because NYC Transit uses giant vacuum hoses to empty fareboxes, a process that would shred bills.

Number of miles traveled by an average bus between repairs: 5,957 in 2016

Number of routes: 238 local, 13 Select Bus Service, and 74 express bus routes in the five boroughs

Number of average weekday trips: nearly 54,000 in 2016.

Number of bus stops: 16,350.

Longest rides:The longest local bus route is Staten Island's S78 at 19.7 miles between the St George Ferry Terminal and the Bricktown Mall in Charleston.

Depots: Buses are housed, washed, and maintained at 28 depots.

The Ten Busiest Local Bus Routes 2016

Annual Ridership
1 Bx12 Local/SBS Bronx 15,576,377
2 M15 Local/SBS Manhattan 14,128,504
3 B46/Local/SBS Brooklyn  14,076,206
4 B6 Brooklyn 13,151,722
5 B44 Local/SBS Brooklyn 11.955,645
6 Bx1/2 Bronx 11,225,151
7 B35 Brooklyn 10,549,385
8 M14 Manhattan 9,690,519
9 Q58 Queens< 9,678,563
10 Bx36 Bronx 9,638,196

DID YOU KNOW?  In 2016 New York City buses carried more passengers than the next three largest bus systems combined.

Maintenance: General overhauls and heavy maintenance take place at the Bronx's Zerega Avenue and Brooklyn's Grand Avenue and East New York Central Maintenance Facilities.

The Ninth Avenue shop in Manhattan and the East New York shop in Brooklyn rebuild individual bus components. The Crosstown and Zerega shops paint buses.

Bus maintenance involves more than 7,000 separate parts.

This 45-foot long over-the-road coach carries express bus customers in comfort from Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens into Manhattan.

New York City's Rank Among U.S. Bus Systems

Annual Bus Ridership 2016

1 New York City Transit/MTA Bus 764 million
2 Los Angeles MTA 304 million
3 Chicago (CTA) 259 million
4 San Francisco (Muni) 165 million
5 Philadelphia (SEPTA) 158 million
6 New Jersey Transit 156 million
7 Washington DC (Metro) 123 million
8 Seattle (King County DoT) 121 million
9 Boston (MBTA) 112 million
10 Baltimore (MTA) 76 million

NYC Transit's buses cover a lot of ground as this Manhattan bus stop sign shows.


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