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ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System

Environmental Sustainability Policy 2017

The MTA New York City Transit's (NYCT) Department of Capital Program Management (CPM) is committed to the highest quality planning, design, and construction management, while rehabilitating, improving, expanding and fortifying MTA NYCT's assets. Mass transit is a critical aspect of sustainable development and the economic growth of cities. Striving to maximize transparency, accountability and responsible leadership, MTA NYCT has put sustainability at the core of its operation, evidenced through engineering and implementation of our various projects.

Since 1999, CPM has established, implemented, and maintained an Environmental Management System (EMS), certified under the ISO 14001 standard. This EMS provides a disciplined framework wherein CPM fulfills its environmental responsibilities through a systematic approach featuring strong internal and external communication inclusive of interested parties; constant performance evaluation is expected. The safety of our customers, neighbors, employees, consultants, contractors and environment are among the highest priorities of NYCT and as we strive to create a more resilient built environment where EMS systems are deeply entrenched, we are mindful of our impact on future generations and ability to share our values within and beyond our organization.

In this ongoing endeavor, we will:

  • Adhere to all applicable environmental laws, compliance obligations, and voluntary commitments to prevent pollution, conserve resources, and practice sustainable development amidst continuing climate change;
  • Understand the CPM’s operational context and consider the effects of climate change on NYCT facilities and infrastructure in order to  inform improved risk management practices and minimize adverse environmental impacts experienced at any and all levels of operations;
  • Establish EMS targets and objectives supported by environmental procedures and programs, regular evaluation of EMS environmental performance consistent with the plan, do check, act principles, and clear communication of EMS and environmental policy to all CPM employees, to others working on our behalf, and to the public;
  • Enhance our employees' skills by adjusting training as needed to provide the tools to design and build world-class economically, ecologically and socially sustainable and resilient projects;
  • Continue to benchmark, analyze, and improve efforts through evaluation by third party standards and rating systems;
  • Foster the adoption of innovative technologies to achieve energy efficiency and water conservation while preserving our past and future landmarks;
  • Continue to foster collaborative learning and development among other MTA, City agencies and interested parties through personal outreach, our NYCT website, and other mass media;
  • Mentor and educate students about transit, engineering, sustainability and environmental protection through continued academic partnerships and innovative teaching opportunities;
  • Support the efforts of the MTA, New York City, and New York State regarding water and energy conservation, carbon footprint reduction, environmentally responsible procurement, recycling, and the minimization of waste, vibration and noise pollution.


Date: April 3rd, 2017
2 Broadway, New York


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