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New Technology R211 Cars

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is preparing to purchase its newest class of subway cars, the R211.

The move toward a first-in-class subway car is critically necessary and an essential part of modernizing our subway system.  The New Technology R211 cars feature 58-inch door spans, which are eight inches wider than standard doors on existing cars.  The expanded doors are designed to reduce delays and speed up train movement by speeding boarding and reducing the amount of time trains sit in stations.  The cars also include digital displays that will provide real-time information about service and stations, new grab rails including double-poles, brighter lighting, signage, and safety graphics.  Some of the initial R211 cars will feature, as a pilot program, an "open gangway" located at the ends of the cars. This open design features soft accordion-like walls, and allows riders to move freely between cars to reduce crowding and distribute passenger loads more evenly throughout the train.

Your feedback on this car collected during the recent Open House, will be shared with the car's designers and the Car Equipment Division of NYC Transit to help better inform how the cars are ultimately produced.

Delivery of new cars for testing will begin in 2020.  The new cars will ultimately operate on the "B Division" of the subway, which are the lettered routes, as well as the Staten Island Railway.

Design of New Subway Cars



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